Monday, June 8, 2009

What is your favourite subject this term?

My favourite subject this term is history of the culture, because all the terms this semester was so boring and no motivacional for me. I choose so boring terms this semester. I hate my timetable :(

The name of my teacher is Isabel and was so boring , i hate his class but is the only class that move me. Because is the only one when i can make interesting things, and read interesting works and authors to. That is so strange because , that class don`t have nothing related with me, but this semester its so bad for me. I`m so worried about that because i loose my time this semestrer in terms that don`t really like me. I think that is more of the same. I almost can`t learn nothing new. I that`s worry me a lot, because the that i wanna do is lear more about the things that i love. Im so stressed with that because i can do anything now. I make a bad choose , and now i can`t regrets me . I`m so angry with the situation. But thats it. This is my mistake and i have to learn about my mistakes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who's your best friend?
The name of my best friend is Vale , she is my neighbor . We live in the plaza Yungay, a traditional and very cute neighborhood. We know each other from a very long time. And we are so attached. We are more than neighboring, we are sisters, and the thing that we have in common is te humor and the personality. We are very relaxed. For that reason i love her, because i hate te people so structured and stressed, these people makes me laugh. And for that reason to we are different to the rest of the guys. We are not stressed people. We dance , sing , run, laug and not give explanations to anyone. Always play the ball with her and eat wonderful food.
We almost never fallen out , we are so good friends. And we will not complicate for silly things.
The experience with my friend that i more remember was in the summer holidays. We spend a week in a beach with other friends , and was so funny and relaxing to my and my friends, because we go to visit hidden and beautifull beaches in carp and we met many interesting people.
She is Vale and her is my best friend for ever and ever ...jajaja i love her!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

(L) My favourite Web!

My Favourite Web side was...Mercado libre and I discovered it looking for Clothes and shoes in internet. Mercado libre was a very popular web, were you can buy clothes in so low prices. And you can find stranges things to. You can buy and sold all kind of wonderfull things. You have to create a account and loading your photos of the things thant you wanna sold, and that`s it.

I visit this site every day looking for diferents offers. And for see my active products to. I sold everything for internet. I`ts so convenient. The only thing that you have to do is upload you photos. And put a price . The people ask about your products. And buy you everything ,even your old clothes ;) . YOU Can buy and sell anything on Mercado libre!!! I im a fan of Vans Canvas shoe, and in this page i find so diferents models in so low prices. Handbags , accesories, pets, books and tickets to concerts toooo!

I love mercado libre and I always will (L)

Other WEb that i love was where you can see videos and download music free , to the groups that i Really loveee!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I (L) Art

I study this career because i love art and i love the philosophy to. I really think that the arts theory is so amazing. You can never stop to find new things in the world and in the mind of the people. The Philosophy helps to improve your mental habilities. And tha is the reason because i study this career! I believe in the contribution of the arts theory it's a contribuition in the way that helps the cultural traffic and makes the reflexion gets closer to people. And in the same way In the future like professional the tools that will be util for me . Because the with more cultural traffic i will have more works oportunities. A good cultural traffic provides me to the oportunities to make more publications has theoric. Locate my area and improve the oportunities and the interest. My favorurite subject is so obvious , i love the estetics and the philosophy and i really wanna make to this my future, because i don´t so anything better, only smile. :)
And that so, i love my career, and i wanna make to this my life.

Monday, April 20, 2009

:D All the Sundays!

Well, First I want to say that I love my country. I think that Chile is a very wonderfull place to grow up and live. I love the south of Chile it`s so beautifull, but i belive that is not necessary go so far away to enjoy Chile because in Santiago, the city where i live , you can find many places to visit and have a good time. One of that was the Forestal park, in this place the sundays you can go to see many of diferents kinds of cultural activities, music, arts, dance and you can buy some clothes to. Because in the park all the sundays a street market set up ... the prices was so convinient!. You can find to a lot of festivals to , and you can visit the MAC and the Museum of fine arts, and a lot of gallerys to. I love to go to the forestal park , to sell my old clothes and to buy the old clothes of other people or his books to. I really love this place and is a ritual for me go all the sundays with my friends. I really think that you have to go, it´s so funny . The only thing that i hate was the garbage that the people throw up. That is soo stupid, is a very nice place and we have to protect.

Monday, April 13, 2009

For english ....all righttttttttttt !! :D

My name is claudia ...I have twenty years old.
This is my Blog for english, i do this because my teacher beatriz jaramillo ask me to do this.
This is my first blog, i never do this before. But i think that it´s so funny.
I don´t know just do this!

I study Art Theory in the University of Chile. And this is my third year.
I love the music, the winter, and my mom. She was so pretty :D