Monday, June 8, 2009

What is your favourite subject this term?

My favourite subject this term is history of the culture, because all the terms this semester was so boring and no motivacional for me. I choose so boring terms this semester. I hate my timetable :(

The name of my teacher is Isabel and was so boring , i hate his class but is the only class that move me. Because is the only one when i can make interesting things, and read interesting works and authors to. That is so strange because , that class don`t have nothing related with me, but this semester its so bad for me. I`m so worried about that because i loose my time this semestrer in terms that don`t really like me. I think that is more of the same. I almost can`t learn nothing new. I that`s worry me a lot, because the that i wanna do is lear more about the things that i love. Im so stressed with that because i can do anything now. I make a bad choose , and now i can`t regrets me . I`m so angry with the situation. But thats it. This is my mistake and i have to learn about my mistakes.


  1. hmmm!
    but..there's only a way!
    you have to go to the candy mountain and stealth something to charly...!
    and you will become in to the banana kiiiiing!

  2. We always can learn about our mistakes.

    Claudia, be sure of that. I think you are very brave, because one semester is a lot of time doing what you don't like, but maybe is a signal for you or something like that.

    The life is very very very short, so all I can say is enjoy it; don't spend your valious time with boring and bad things for you.

    Maybe next semester you will have a better option or take a decision

    Kisses and mood!

  3. buuu it sucks that didin´t like your class this year but you can take another class the next :)
    See you