Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who's your best friend?
The name of my best friend is Vale , she is my neighbor . We live in the plaza Yungay, a traditional and very cute neighborhood. We know each other from a very long time. And we are so attached. We are more than neighboring, we are sisters, and the thing that we have in common is te humor and the personality. We are very relaxed. For that reason i love her, because i hate te people so structured and stressed, these people makes me laugh. And for that reason to we are different to the rest of the guys. We are not stressed people. We dance , sing , run, laug and not give explanations to anyone. Always play the ball with her and eat wonderful food.
We almost never fallen out , we are so good friends. And we will not complicate for silly things.
The experience with my friend that i more remember was in the summer holidays. We spend a week in a beach with other friends , and was so funny and relaxing to my and my friends, because we go to visit hidden and beautifull beaches in carp and we met many interesting people.
She is Vale and her is my best friend for ever and ever ...jajaja i love her!

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